Other activities
Sporting Challenges on and Around the Track
Pit Box Challenges
Test your cooperation skills during the Pitstop Challenge in one of our pit boxes. Set the fastest time in the race simulator and test your reaction time on the Batak Pro Reaction Test. If this is not challenging enough, then try climbing out of a car on its side in one of the tilt simulators.

Outdoor Go-Carting
Go-carting is rightly thought of as the basis for all motorsports. Many Formula 1 drivers began by go-carting. The direct steering system, sitting low to the ground and speed means that reaction time is extremely important when racing in go-carts. We can provide an outdoor go-cart circuit in our paddocks for your event.
Guided Tour Circuit Zandvoort
The history of Circuit Zandvoort is told at the entrance to the circuit. Of course, the wall of fame reflects the history of Formula 1 drivers such as Niki Lauda. You get a look inside the pit boxes where the cars are prepared for racing. At the Race Control you see how all reports and times come in and there is also access to the pitlane where it is possible to take a group photograph on the podium!

Escape Room
You can play the Formule 1 Escape Room challenge, just 5 minutes away from Circuit Zandvoort. Your challenge, to solve the crime within 60 minutes, find the car and return it to the start on time.
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