Circuit Racing
Race as a real race driver around the circuit.
Driving around the Circuit
Besides plenary sessions, are you looking for the ideal recipe to give your contacts an unforgettable day? Then host a special incentive program, full of excitement, adrenaline and the smell of burning rubber.

Circuit Zandvoort has an exceptional circuit track that has received praise from many racing drivers because of its unique location and challenging bends. Experience this for yourself and drive in a spectacular sports car such as a Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, McLaren or Formula racing car.
Competition and Team Building
We also host teambuilding activities. Think of drifting and slalom exercises, driving on ice, go-karting, fast laps with a professional driver and driving skills training. If desired, we keep track of the scores from each challenge, to encourage competition and to have a winner at the end of the day!
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